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EcoStructure IT Expert.



Monitor an extensive range of Schneider Electric and 3rd party devices.

  • The inventory shows details for all devices, and provides you with a quick overview of input/output power, balance, and runtime.
  • Drill in further by clicking on the device in your web interface or directly on your smartphone.
  • EcoStruxure IT Expert allows your Partner to have visibility into your device data in read-only mode to help monitor your equipment more efficiently. You can choose to opt out at any time.



Benefit from the learnings of the data center records already in the EcoStruxure data lake.

  • Data from UPSs, cooling systems and other data center infrastructure equipment is stored in the EcoStruxure data lake, anonymized and analyzed. This data allows you to make data driven decisions on the performance, efficiency and health of your equipment.
  • Plot sensors for up to 30 days to compare performance and pin your favorites to the dashboard for an easy overview.


  • Lower alarm noise by muting a specific or all alarms related to a device, from an hour to up to one week. By marking alarms as “recurring”, EcoStruxure IT Expert recommends devices that are good candidates for muting.
  • Choose your preferred way of receiving alarm notifications. Use the EcoStruxure IT app or receive them via email. Emails can be sent to an individual, a ticketing system, or your Partner.

Customizable dashboards

  • Design your own dashboard in IT Expert and get an instant overview of the most important information to you. Create widgets that show graphs for sensors from monitored devices, and show key values based on single sensor values. Interested in a specific site? You have the ability to drill down and create location-specific dashboards.

Device Management

Device configuration

  • Easily deploy device settings to a large number of identical devices from anywhere in the world without any downtime.

Firmware update

  • Centralize the management of device settings and lower security risks, as you remain aware of available firmware updates when they are released and decide when and if you should apply them to already identified devices.

Device health assessments

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  • Optimize your infrastructure by running assessments on your critical assets, including UPS health checks and lifetime alarms. Export lifetime alarms and UPS data as a CSV file to help you build your own reports.
  • Get insights from the health score attributed to your UPS, and receive recommendations on how to improve it. Moreover, a history of significant changes help you make educated choices.
  • Get visibility into alarms that have occurred over the last 30 days using the alarm assessments.

Device security vulnerability assessment


Reduce the risk of a security breach by running a security vulnerability assessment on your devices.

  • A unique set of insights – providing you with visibility into old firmware, outdated hardware and vulnerable configurations – helps you identify and report on current security vulnerabilities, comply with security policies and regulations, and understand the industry’s best security practices. Plus, taking the actions recommended by the assessment enables you to handle security risks proactively, which ultimately saves you time.

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